Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.35.46 AMIt has been a gradual process, but over the past six years, medical marijuana usage has risen steadily in Massachusetts. And while Mass. has had access to medical marijuana for quite some time now, it looks as if it’s about to enter its renaissance. This means big things are coming for local patients in the state, who specifically need medical marijuana as a pain solution, and are willing to take the right legal steps to get there. When the demand grows high enough, the suppliers – anyone from doctors, to dispensaries, and even government regulators – need to step up to make sure it’s taken care of; and that’s exactly what’s happening in Massachusetts.

What the experts are saying

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.28.55 AMIn a recent article by the Boston Globe they profiled a man named Norton Albelaez, who heads up one of Massachusetts’ first medical marijuana dispensaries, called New England Treatment Access. Albelaez’ dispensary was one of the first and only places to get medical marijuana in the state. But with favorable laws and strong public support, the demand is showing this won’t be the case for long. Massachusetts is due for not only more medical marijuana users, but also more medical marijuana dispensaries.

In last week’s Boston Globe feature, Albelaez highlighted some of the reasons why, through his experiences with medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts so far:

“I was really blown away when this older gentleman walked in and he described to me his experience in the Battle of the Bulge in World War II,” said Arbelaez, New England Treatment’s consultant for standards and practices. “His feet froze during that battle [in the winter of 1944], and he said he found a lot of relief from medical cannabis products.” (Boston Globe)

Massachusetts relies on medical marijuana for non-intrusive, safe, pain relief

The state of Massachusetts has always been on the cutting edge of medical and pharmaceutical technology; so when it comes to medical marijuana, it’s no surprise how popular it’s become. The problem is, many of its citizens aren’t sure how to get their medical marijuana card, and then how to find the actual medical marijuana. This has left many Mass. residents asking the question why isn’t it easier to get? The short answer is that IT IS accessible to most people, you just need to take the right steps to applying for your card, and then finding a registered dispensary to sell it to you. And in Massachussets, that’s about to get a lot easier.

Offering affordable, quality patient care in Massachusetts

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