Patriot Care of Boston has no signage, as required by the city.

Patriot Care, Located on Milk Street in Boston, has no signage or any other indicator that marijuana is being sold from the storefront.

Boston’s First Ever Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens

It’s been four years since Massachusetts legalized medical marijuana and now the city of Boston is home to its first medical marijuana dispensary. Patriot Care, located on Milk Street, is the seventh dispensary to open in Massachusetts. Patriot Care has already preregistered over 200 patients to be able to purchase medicinal marijuana at its facility. Located in a densely populated area with access from every type of public transportation, Patriot Care plans to be able to keep up with the demand of at least 150 patients per day.

Patriot Care is located less then 4 miles from True Herbal Consults Somerville office. If you are interested in accessing Patriot Care and do not have your medical marijuana card, call True Herbal Consults at 617-401-5295. Patriot Care will also be bringing a new aspect to the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana scene : delivery service.  The company has gone through the process of beginning to offer delivery service with the state, including having their vehicle inspected and approved. Massachusetts also requires that 2 employees from a dispensary be in the vehicle when deliveries are taking place. Patriot Care is ready to begin delivering cannabis to patients doors.


There are also dispensaries located in Ayer, Brockton, Brookline, Lowell, North Hampton, and Salem.